Top 5 Digestive Tips to Start Today

The modern world is one of immediate gratification. Someone can go to a fast food restaurant and have a full meal in five minutes or less. Many people expect the same thing from diets. We're always looking for diets that promise fast results with little work. We want...

Beditations: Mindful Diet

The Mind/Body Connection Your conscious and sub conscious minds are in constant communication. Try an experiment: move your finger. Easy, right? You might say, “That was a conscious effort.” But what happens on the subconscious level? What about the blood that flowed...

The Four Noble Truths

The main teachings of the Buddha are summarized and centered in the Four Noble Truths: Suffering The cause of suffering The end of suffering The eightfold path to end suffering It is no secret that the world is full of confusion, hatred, madness, and suffering. This...
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