The Meditation Diet


MeditationDietWhen you undertake the Meditation Diet, you’re doing more than changing your eating habits. You’re getting a handle on your mental energy and guiding it toward a healthy, desirable end. Like a lens focuses sunlight to create fire, the mindfulness diet allows you to harness your mental energy and focus it on the goal of achieving your ideal healthy and sustainable weight.


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Beditations - Meditation Alarm Clock


beditationsiconBeditations are guided meditations that relax you into a quality sleep, and then gently wake you up at your desired time, all from the comfort of your own bed. Simply choose an evening meditation to ease you into slumber, and a morning Beditation to gently wake you up. The built in alarm clock will wake you at your desired time with a refreshing guided morning meditation. Just a few minutes of Beditations at the beginning and end of each day will put your brainwave pattern into an Alpha state. Once there, the mind becomes refreshed, clear, and strong. Falling asleep has never been this easy!


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Highly Meditated Clothing


highlymeditatedshirtA flattering and competitive edge, this bamboo-blended racerback tank gives you both freedom of movement and a great, supportive fit. Naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic without chemical treatment, the bamboo fabric wicks away moisture and is breathable. Perfect workout gear. 67% bamboo/29% cotton/4% spandex | Fabric weight: 5.5 oz (midweight) | Naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic | Contrasting color bottom waist hem | Double-stitched, reinforced tank straps | Imported; processed and printed in the U.S.A.


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Meditations For Kids App


Meditations For KidsThink back to your childhood: wouldn’t it have been wonderful to learn how to relax and stay calm in stressful situations when you were growing up? You can give your children this gift by meditating with them. If you’re new to meditation, it may be intimidating at first, but don’t worry – your child is likely a natural. When it comes to learning the art of meditation and guided imagery, children may truly have an advantage over adults – unbridled, beautiful imaginations.


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Meditations For Pain Relief


painiconMindfulness, the very nature of meditation, exists as a discipline that is developed over time and with prolonged use. As the active participation of awareness, mindfulness leads to the ability to overcome the physical–through the application of the mind.
Participating in life is challenging for those with chronic pain. Rather than a passive activity of listening, guided meditations create an invitation to actively participate in the moment instead of observing from the sidelines.


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Research and Information

NeuroLogic Physiotherapy recommends Beditations

Special thanks to Ottawa’s NeuroLogic Physiotherapy, for naming Beditations one of the best apps for post-concussion and brain injured clients. NeuroLogic Physiotherapy has neurologically trained physiotherapists, and many orthopedic / manual physiotherapists...

Extraordinary meditation techniques to end insomnia

There’s no denying that meditating can help us sleep better. However, in order to achieve those results we have to find the right meditative exercises. With that in mind, here you have the steps you have to go through in order to improve awareness and better...

Meditation Diet: Mindful Eating Techniques

Yes, one can lose weight without strenuous exercise, calorie counting, drugs or expensive devices that don’t work We’ve all faced the challenges of weight loss, failing over and over again for the same reason: because we do not properly address the mind.  The...

13 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Every Day

A huge thank you to and Kristopher Jones for naming Beditations one of their 13 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Every Day. I start every morning with a short 5–10-minute meditation using an app called Beditations. The meditation helps me visualize the things...

The reason why meditation improves sleep

In order to perform to the best of their abilities, the mind and body need rest so that their batteries can be recharged. It is recommended that we get 8 hours of sleep each night to ensure that happens, but many people are unable to get that much sleep on a nightly...

Delta Sky names Beditations on their Hot List for travel apps

A big thank you to Delta Sky magazine for naming Beditations on their Hot List for travel apps! Jet lag and noisy neighbors don’t stand a chance against these guided meditations that gently soothe you to sleep and wake you up in the morning. Or opt for ambient rain...

Apassie’s 3 Great Apps That’ll Help You Sleep Better

Suradj Hanoeman names Beditations one of their 3 Great Apps That’ll Help You Sleep Better What will rock you to sleep and gently wake you up with an energizing voice? Yes this app will do that!. Each track is five minutes and you can choose to play “different noises”...

Beditations mentioned on Farmette

A massive thank you to Imen McDonnell from for mentioning my Beditations app in her awesome blog. Farmette is Imen’s blog about leaving behind a career, a city, a nation and a slew of family and friends when she fell in love with a man, a son, a...