You are on a journey as a human being. A journey paved by experiences that help you grow. When every experience, good or bad, becomes a learning opportunity then life starts to look richer and full of exciting possibilities. This is a great foundation for realistic optimism.

No-one is defined by one episode of success or one failed project. Perfection is a burden and an impossibility.

Imagine releasing yourself from the pursuit of the perfect. You are now free to learn from life rather than being weighed down by your expectations. Nothing makes you truly afraid, because even during your worst times you will be able to learn valuable lessons.

Sometimes you cannot take the most direct route to a goal or outcome. You need to accept that life is full of detours. Taking time to recalculate your route and forge a new path is time well spent. Frustration is normal and sometimes failure is inevitable, but optimism gives you the power you need to keep pressing forward. You can overcome roadblocks and achieve your dreams.

Imagine yourself living, working and socializing in a more optimistic frame of mind. Imagine how your posture, language and facial expression will change to reflect your new mindset. When you feel as though you cannot see the best in a situation, ask yourself what you would do if you felt more optimistic. Draw on your strengths and move into a more positive mindset.

An astonishing transformation will occur. Once you commit to living an optimistic life, your behaviors and entire outlook will change. At first you may not feel like praising yourself and seeking out new opportunities, but over time you will learn how to bolster your new sense of self. See yourself moving in the world with such confidence and self-belief that failure cannot knock you back and the opinions of others hold no fear for you.