Beditations is Lifehacker approved

Beditations is Lifehacker approved

Big thanks to Emily Price at Lifehacker for her article on Beditations titled: Replace Your Alarm Clock With Meditation Using This App

In the article she says:

We all know that waking up to an alarm clock is pretty much the worst way possible to get up in the morning, although arguably the most efficient.

The iOS and Android app Beditations kind of turns the idea of how we go to sleep and how we wake up on its head, offering guided meditations not only to put you to sleep at night, but also morning meditations to wake you up in place of a traditional alarm clock.

At night, you select a soothing background soundscape to help lull you to snooze land and a wake time along with a meditation you’d like to start the day with.

Come morning time, the meditation you selected will “gently draw you out of sleep”

The app comes with a handful of free options, as well as a few paid choices if you decide this is for you and want to change things up.

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Author Stephanie Stebbins using Beditations

Author Stephanie Stebbins using Beditations

Thank you to author Stephanie Stebbins for using Beditations!

As most of you know, I have a really hard time sleeping. Well, once I am asleep, I have zero problem with sleeping but getting there is another story. I just can’t seem to shut down at night. So, I tried this app for about a week and I can definitely say it’s working pretty well. I don’t know what it is but it just relaxes my brain and body and before I know it, I’m ready for bed!

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Fairfield Residential names Beditations one of their 5 apps for better sleep

Fairfield Residential names Beditations one of their 5 apps for better sleep

Many thank yous to Fairfield Residential for naming Beditations one of their 5 apps for better sleep:

Have trouble getting that good night’s rest you always crave? Well, thanks to the tech age we’re currently living in, you can easily optimize your life for better sleep thanks to a single app. There’s plenty of life hacking apps out there so we’ve rounded up 5 that will not only give you better sleep, but also rejuvenating mornings and less stressful days. Let’s check out our favorites!

No more annoying alarm clocks. Use this app for gentle meditations that not only will put you to sleep, but help you wake in the morning in a more serene way.

Beditations is not just a sleeping app. Aside from helping you sleep and wake up, it also helps you set intentions and reduce stress throughout the day.
Choose from a variety of different meditations to help you improve sleep, end stress, practice mindful and mindful dieting.

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Connect Association names Beditations one of their 7 Wellness Apps for a Healthier You

Connect Association names Beditations one of their 7 Wellness Apps for a Healthier You

A special thank you to Camille Moore for naming Beditations one of their 7 Wellness Apps for a Healthier You

Looking to improve your overall health and well-being this year and really commit to it? We compiled a list of apps that will have your mind and body right in no time.

Wake up feeling refreshed with Beditations: guided meditations that ease you into a restful sleep. Simply choose your evening meditation and a morning meditation before bed. The built-in alarm clock will gently wake you at your desired time. If you don’t like the idea of waking up to mediation, you can select ambient music instead.

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Beditations 5: Approved by Apple

Beditations 5: Approved by Apple

Beditations is helping to combat the sleep deprivation epidemic and bring the benefits of meditation to the multitudes.

As the scientific benefits of meditation and the dangers of high-stress levels become more well known, everyone is looking at ways to fit multiple wellness related activities into their already jam-packed days. Getting a good night of sleep is the most important and easy way to do something good for the body and mind each day. That’s why Beditations was created to revolve around sleep patterns, and to bring tranquility and mindfulness back to the beginning and end of every day.

According to sources such as CNN, sleep deprivation is so widely spread it’s considered an epidemic and it has severe consequences on health. It can cause people to eat more, experience impaired driving, have false memories and is even linked to type 2 diabetes. An app like Beditations helps to combat some of the common causes of sleep deprivation. In addition, it promotes a peaceful method of quieting the mind and a way to wake up with the tools to set good intentions for the day. Through using Beditations, meditation feels less like a chore and more like something to look forward to.

Beditations is available now in the App Store for iOS devices.

It has an extensive library of guided meditations that can be chosen based on the actual stressors each user is experiencing. There is also a large selection of soothing music called “soundscapes” that will lull you to sleep, and then gently rouse you in place of the disarming beeping of an alarm clock.

Some of the main benefits of using Beditations are:

  • The ability to quickly reach a calm state where the body and mind are focused and connected.
  • Become more present throughout the day.
  • Feel happier and healthier, uneasily thrown off balance by life’s obstacles
  • Reduce anxiety while renewing your physical and emotional well-being
  • Relax your body and mind into a deep and rejuvenating sleep

The app is completely rebuilt by mobile app developers Hattrick IT and has a user interface that is as easy-to-use as it is beautiful. Beditations is unique because of its ability to be highly customized to each user’s life, providing an enhanced user experience and more options for soundscapes. There are 25 new scenes to transport user’s consciousness into a deep, mindful meditation.