There’s no denying that meditating can help us sleep better. However, in order to achieve those results we have to find the right meditative exercises. With that in mind, here you have the steps you have to go through in order to improve awareness and better understand the way your mind works during the night.

  • Stay in your bed and start taking five deep breaths. While breathing in, feel your lungs as they fill with air and when you breathe out, imagine all the bad stuff that happened during the day just go away. This is a simple exercise to help you stay more positive and meditate better.
  • Check how you feel and avoid rushing relaxation, just understand your state at this particular time.
  • Now you should try and understand as well as become aware of the contact points. See if your body weight is evenly distributed. If there are any sounds, try to bring some attention to them, if the sound still remains present in your mind after a few minutes you should try and revert the attention back to your body.
  • See if your body is still, restless or heavy. Scan the body with your mind and see where you have any tension. Think about the fact that you will sleep soon and thus you will release pressure from that particular area. Try to repeat this multiple times, and remember that you should also try to determine those regions where you feel comfortable, not only the ones where you have tension.


  • Some changes in your breath can be felt at this time, so try to revert your attention to the place where you feel this movement with complete clarity. You have to try and notice if your breath is shallow, smooth, irregular, deep or long.
  • You can leave your mind to run wild, but try to return to the sensation of fall and rise. You shouldn’t time this particular portion of the exercise, but usually it will take a few minutes.
  • Next, bring your attention to the mind as you breathe slowly in an out. Picture your mind as a tight fist that is slowly unclenching. Do this for a few minutes… breathe in and out slowly while letting the mind get soft. If you get distracted, try to immediately get back on track.
  • At this point, you have to focus on your body. Focus your entire attention towards the smaller toe of the left foot as the breaths continue a slow, deep pace.
  • Continue with the other toes and then focus your attention towards the right leg. See the difference before focusing on your other leg. This is where you will actually feel those changes, try to repeat the exercise to actually feel the differences.
  • Once you finalize the exercise for the legs, continue it towards the torso area, your arms and then your face. Don’t leave any portion of your body and address it properly. Breathe calmly as you feel a sense of freedom and a lack of tension.

This exercise might seem a little complicated at first, but try to follow our guideline. With its help you can easily obtain some incredible results, all while removing the negativity and stress accumulated during the day. Prepare yourself for sleep the proper way, try this extraordinary meditation technique to alleviate stress and sleep better during the night!