Many thank yous to Fairfield Residential for naming Beditations one of their 5 apps for better sleep:

Have trouble getting that good night’s rest you always crave? Well, thanks to the tech age we’re currently living in, you can easily optimize your life for better sleep thanks to a single app. There’s plenty of life hacking apps out there so we’ve rounded up 5 that will not only give you better sleep, but also rejuvenating mornings and less stressful days. Let’s check out our favorites!

No more annoying alarm clocks. Use this app for gentle meditations that not only will put you to sleep, but help you wake in the morning in a more serene way.

Beditations is not just a sleeping app. Aside from helping you sleep and wake up, it also helps you set intentions and reduce stress throughout the day.
Choose from a variety of different meditations to help you improve sleep, end stress, practice mindful and mindful dieting.

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