Concentrate on your breathing. Inhale. Pause. Exhale. Pause. As you continue breathing in and out, shift your focus to your abdomen, below your belly button. Imagine the warmth of the sun in your abdomen. Let the warmth spread throughout the rest of your body.

Feel the gentle pulse of the warmth as you would feel waves rushing across your feet if you were standing on the edge of an ocean shore.

The sun is rising about you. Imagine the sun slowly flowing through your abdomen as it rises into the sky. Pause for a moment. Gaze at the glowing sun above you.

Shift your attention back to the water running across your feet. Feel it as it flows through your toes then returns back to the ocean. Gaze through the pristine waters at the sand beneath your feet. Slowly walk deeper into the water. Walk until your feel the ocean submerge you from the neck down. Lean backwards and let the waters carry you away as if you were a seashell atop the water.

As you float, focus on the glowing sun above you.

Suddenly, the sun begins to glow brighter and brighter. The sun expands faster and faster. As it expands, you feel the glowing warmth move back into your body, moving closer and closer to your center.

Breathe calmly as you experience this spread of warmth. Inhale. Pause. Exhale. Pause.

Concentrate on this warmth as it travels back to your center.

As the warmth pulsates through your body, bring yourself slowly back to your feet. Face the shore. Take slow, steady steps. Feel your way back to the dry sand beneath your feet.

You are back on shore, on land. You are grounded. Open your eyes. Reconnect with your surroundings.