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The Story of Beditations

A few years ago, I never expected that meditation could transform my life the way it has. I was going through a difficult chapter in my life. An unexpected loss was wreaking havoc on my sleep patterns, and my health and well-being.

When we go through a challenging time, our minds shift into overtime, replaying events and imagining different outcomes. Sometimes this continues from your waking hours into the night, the result is a ruined night’s sleep.

Needless to say, I woke up every morning exhausted and dreading the day. During this time, I started reading about mindfulness and the science behind the power of meditation. On one particularly wretched morning, I discovered an audio guided meditation. With no motivation to get up, I stayed in bed and listened to it.

As I listened, a gentle voice taught me how to relax my body and focus on breathing and relaxing my thoughts. The result was remarkable — I could physically feel the difference. By the time the exercise was complete, I felt mentally stronger and better equipped to navigate through my day.

This turned out to be a significant turning point. Every morning I would listen to the recording and follow the steps. Every day I would feel better. The negative thoughts that seemed uncontrollable, became easy to handle.

I came to learn this: we store stress in our bodies. Perhaps it’s anxiety being held in the pit of your stomach, or stress held in the shoulders or face. Maybe we’re harboring anger in our chests. Whatever the stress may be, we hold onto it physically.

When this happens, the stress stored in your body feeds back into your mind, your mind processes it, nourishes it, and keeps it alive. It’s a dysfunctional symbiotic relationship.

Meditation is effective because when you meditate, you physically release negativity from your body. Once released from your body, it’s easier for your mind to let it go, too. You can actually feel it working.

I’ve then discovered great benefits in practicing at the end of the day, just before bed. Often the first thing you think about in the morning is the last thing you thought about before bed.

Evening meditations are a great way to release the stressors that you encounter throughout the day. Release the negative energy from your body and mind before bed, and the quality of your sleep will improve, which in turn strengthens your ability to cope with whatever life throws at you.

Seeing the positive impact it’s had on my life has inspired me to gather as much information as possible, and develop a meditation package that’s easy to use so others may enjoy the same benefits I have.

I’ve worked with talented writers and voice artists to create a new mobile app that plays guided audio meditations to relax you into a quality sleep, then gently wakes you up at your desired time.

I call it Beditations.

From your bed, choose your evening and morning Beditations and desired wake-up time. In the morning, a gentle alarm will wake you up, and a guided post-sleep meditation will begin.

After just a few minutes of Beditations at the beginning and end of each day, your brainwave pattern will enter an Alpha state. Once there, the mind becomes refreshed, clear and strong.

When you go to bed at night, just start the app, and a guided pre-sleep meditation will ease you into a peaceful, restful sleep. These meditations will help silence mental chatter by relaxing the energy in the body and mind.