Meditating daily will lead you to feel more present and in the moment. You will feel healthy and happy, uneasily thrown off balance by the obstacles you encounter. Work and home issues won’t leave you anxious or overwhelmed as easily. Both your physical and emotional well-being will feel renewed.

Wake up Feeling Energized

Morning meditation is a excellent way to start your day off with high energy levels. Just 15 minutes a day, can lead to a more balanced, centered you throughout your day. Instead of hitting the snooze button, replace that time you would’ve spent going back to sleep with meditation. Instead of rising sleepier than before, but morning meditation starts you off refreshed and clear-headed.

Clear Your Mind of Clutter

Some of us think of getting the kids ready, lunches packed, and all the other things we have to do as soon as your eyes open. Participating in morning meditation shifts the brain from all of this clutter to a more relaxed state. Before you start the mental to-do list as you run out the door, meditating can calm your way for the day ahead.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Meditation has been proven to be extremely effective in lowering stress, one of the key reasons for hypertension (high blood pressure). By helping the mind and body reach an even state through meditation, you reduce the risk of getting “stressed out” and reaching high blood pressure levels. Meditation leaves you undeterred and less easily thrown off kilter by your daily stressors.

Boost Immune System

Morning meditation is a great way to naturally boost your immune system. Our immune system protects us against bacteria and other dangerous invaders. Without a healthy, functioning immune system, we may find ourselves falling victim to illness or complications. Morning meditation has been proven to increase antibodies and stimulate the immune system.

Have A More Imaginative and Creative Work Day

Meditation can spark your imagination and creativity. It frees your mind to be more insightful and open to new perspectives. After your morning meditation, don’t be shocked when your mind is springing with new ideas and outlooks on any project you’re working on. When you train your mind to relax and let go, you create a new mental space for ideas to blossom.

Improve Concentration

Meditation can expand your attention span and ability to concentrate. By clearing out mental clutter early on, you free your mind up for the task at hand. You may notice small details that you may have missed if you were worrying about other things. Whether at home or at work, morning meditation can increase your concentration even in distracting situations.

Increased Patience

Morning meditation aids you in having patience even in difficult times. You are less likely to become irritated, angry, or frustrated during the day if you start the day off grounded. Morning meditation also increases your level of self-awareness, leaving you less likely to follow rash impulses.

Stress Killer

If enough stressors are piled on, stress, anxiety, and depression can take a serious toll on your life. Meditating in the morning increases the level of serotonin in the body, a neurotransmitter that is key in mood stabilization and enhancement. Many antidepressants are geared towards increasing serotonin. Through meditation, you get the same benefits naturally, without the pharmaceutical side effects.

Intuitive Awareness

Consistent meditation will make you more aware of the world around you. By containing and eliminating your own struggles, you’ll be more in tune with others and their energies. This improved intuitive awareness will improve your relationships and overall social life. You’ll be more available to help and be a friend when necessary.