Where does it hurt?

Let’s ease that pain with a soothing relaxation exercise. People who practice relaxation exercises enjoy relief from some of their discomfort, and many discover that these exercises help them build a higher threshold for pain. Relaxation is an effective pain management tool that you can do anywhere. Through observation, acceptance, and a positive attitude, you can feel better.

So let’s begin.

First, relax and get cozy.

Next, think about how you feel.

Observe your body. Observe your mind. Don’t think about changing anything. This is about feeling this moment, and observing this moment. This is important because observation is the key to success in managing pain.

Consider where it hurts, and where you’re harboring stress.

Now, consider where you feel tranquil and at ease.

On that thought, inhale deeply …. and then let it out….

In… and out..

Keep breathing just like this. You’re doing great.

Be mindful of your body. You’re free of worrying about controlling or altering anything. Right now, it’s all about observation. Continue to manage your pain through relaxation.

Now think about your pain. How does your body feel? Observe the pain, and how it varies.

Do your best to understand and acknowledge the pain for a bit. This is challenging, but you can do it. Understand and acknowledge your physical state. Understand and acknowledge your emotions. You may feel positive; you may feel negative. However you feel, don’t try to change.

To help you cope with this pain, follow this script with me:

I understand and acknowledge this pain I’m feeling- all of it…. and I’m releasing my desire to alter my pain right now 

I understand and acknowledge the pain

I’m freeing myself of the desire to alter my pain right now 

After you repeat this script a few times, sit quietly and enjoy the serenity. Free your mind and enjoy this peaceful time.

Now think of your pain again. And this time, entertain the notion that you can change the pain just a bit.

Try. Try to change the way you feel, just a bit.

Visualize the pain. Where is it located? Envision this part of your body feeling cool and chilly, like a soothing ice pack.

As the edge starts to fade on this cool feeling, concentrate on this part of your body. Envision a slightly different feeling. It can be anything you choose.

Perhaps it’s a soothing warmth, a light tingle, or a soft yet firm, pressure that puts you at ease.

On that thought, imagine this feeling overtakes a small section of your pain … then another small section … then another …. and another …. over and over

Envision this feeling is expanding ….. sweetly and calmly…. offering you relief….. lulling you into a state of total relaxation-.

Now inhale deeply …. and exhale

inhale….. and exhale…..

inhale…. exhale…..

That’s perfect. Keep breathing. Each breath is calm and relaxing, and eases you into this soothing meditation.

There is no need to think about changing anything right now. Free yourself of any urge to take action and don’t be concerned with how you are meditating. Just let things flow naturally, and know that this is the exactly how it needs to be happening.

How does your body feel? Relaxed? Calm?

Enjoy this moment. Stay here for a while.

Make a note of this feeling so you can return to this place the next time you’re experiencing pain. This joyful state will always be here for you.

Stretch your muscles and move your limbs to wake them up.

Take a look around. When you feel the time is right, get up and enjoy your day feeling calm and relaxed.