Your emotional balance starts in your root chakra, at the base of your spine and reproductive region. This will help you stay connected as your root chakra joins your spiritual and physical sides.

Take a deep breath into your belly and imagine a red, glowing light of physical energy at this base. Hold that thought and stay focused on your root chakra.

Next, move to your sacral chakra, just below your belly button. As you breathe, envision an orange glow of energy, which gets stronger with each breath. Your stress and discomfort is released as you imagine energy radiating from this chakra. Keep visualizing this orange glow as many important physical organs are located here.

From here, move to the yellow chakra, about an inch above your belly button. Again, picture the energy getting stronger each time you inhale, and negative energy releases each time you exhale. Stay focused. Allow the chakra to glow and it will rebalance itself.

Onto your heart chakra, the gorgeous green center of emotion. Fill your heart as much as you can with loving energy. Feel the love flow from your chest. With each breath, you nourish your heart with more energy, and purer energy. With an open heart, you feel the love from the world around you. You accept love from others. You love yourself. This beautiful emerald energy envelops your body. You are now at peace.

Let’s move to your throat chakra, a stunning blue glow in your neck and vocal region. Communication is vital now. Open your throat, welcome the energy in to create an open airway. You’re communicating, giving back to the world, inviting others to share in the beauty that surrounds you. Lose yourself in this luscious swirl of blue.

Next, visit your third eye chakra, the indigo colored energy center between, and slightly above, your eyes. This is your vision center. Your problems and their solutions are visualized here. Envision the future. What does it hold for you? Breathe in and let your insight and intuition expand as you meditate. Focus on your indigo chakra. Stay here for a while.

It’s time to move up. You’re reached your crown, and from your third eye, move to a spot just above the top of your skull. Feel the connection to the divine and spiritual. Embrace this gateway to Nirvana, to Heaven, to the higher power you’re a part of, and feel the joy of enlightenment. Enjoy this sense of peace. Stay here and focus on the divine. You are part of the divine, and you are a divine being.
Now focus on all your chakras, and how they work together. Imagine they are blazing suns and their beams help you to grow. Your suns are in harmony and they share energy. Your suns are sources of energy fueling your body with ideas and power. You are complete as all 7 chakra centers shine brightly with beams of strength, and healing powers. They soothe others; they soothe you. Take a deep breath and allow the energy you inhale to plug any holes you may have in your chakras. Your balance is restored. The healing has begun. Stay here and soak in this energy.

When you’re ready, open your eyes. Return to the world. You’re a stronger, more balanced being than you were before.