Start your day off right, in a peaceful yet powerful state of mind, with this brief morning meditation. You’ll be ready to take on your day with positive energy and enthusiasm, and should your energy wane as the day goes on, simply listen again to recharge.

Let’s begin.

Inhale deeply…and slowly exhale.

Inhale ….and exhale.

Inhale again, taking in energy ….and exhale.

Continue breathing deeply , slowly and peacefully.

You’re consuming all the air your body craves with each inhalation, and nourishing yourself with positive energy. Good-bye negativity. Every time you exhale, you release fatigue and tension.

Continue to focus on your breathing. Inhale positive feelings. Exhale negative feelings.


As this exercise progresses, you become more energized.

Now you’re waking up. You’re energetic and ready to take on your day with a positive spirit.
Let this energy grow and expand. Fill yourself with it, and encourage more positive energy to come to you.

Now, make a fist with each hand and clench them tightly. Can you feel the muscles in your hands and arms? They are strong. Keep squeezing, tightly, then release your fists. Your hands are loose, free and relaxed.

Close your hands into fists. Open them. Close. Open. Do this a few more times to fully awaken your hands and arms.

Are you beginning to feel excited about your day? Continue this meditation and look forward to a wonderful day full of promise.

The positive energy is flowing through you. You’re waking up now, brimming with energy.

Let’s generate even more energy. Rub your hands together and create friction. Like the spark of electricity, this movement bolsters your energy level. You’re completely awake. You’re totally alert.

Let’s move to your feet. Move your feet up and down at the ankles and flex the muscles on the front of your legs as you move your toes up toward your shins. Stay here. Now point your toes and flex the muscles on the back of your legs. Stay here. And repeat. Point and flex … point and flex …point and flex ….

Ready to kick it up a notch?

Let’s move faster. Quickly move your feet up and down to awaken your leg muscles. Up…down…up…down…up…down…

Good! Now hold your feet still. Feel the tingle in your legs.

Next, place your hands on your knees. Rub your hands up your legs, toward your hips and back down toward your knees. You’re generating heat and energy as your hands quickly move along your thigh muscles.

Now stop. Rest your hands in your lap and notice the energy in your leg muscles.

As you continue, you’ll feel more alert, awake and energized. Your body will feel ready to move. You’re eager to start your day. You’re positive, enthusiastic and highly motivated.

Now we’ll move into a standing position. Place your feet shoulder width apart. Your hands are at your sides.

Inhale as you extend your right arm up, and reach for the sky, stretching your right hand as high as you can. Exhale as your lower your right arm to your side.

Repeat this exercise with your left arm. Inhale as you extend your left arm up, and reach for the sky, stretching your left hand as high as you can. Exhale as your lower your left arm to your side.

Let’s alternate arms this time. Inhale as you raise your right arm, and exhale as you lower your right arm. Inhale as you raise your left arm, and exhale as you lower your left arm. Repeat this exercise.




Excellent! Now relax your arms at your sides. Continue standing and close your eyes.

How do you feel? Think about your physical state at this moment. Experience each breath as air flows in and out of your body. Note how your body responds to each breath with subtle movements. Note that you are feeling calm and relaxed, but you’re also energized.

You can become even more energized and awake by inviting the energy within you to grow. Think about a feeling of strength, energy, power and excitement. Stay here. If you notice this feeling is at your core, near your stomach, encourage this feeling to expand. Feel it grow larger and larger and larger.

You can create all this energy, almost effortlessly. Soon you’re filled with natural, glowing energy. Your body is airy, light and free.

You’re filled with energy from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. You’re ready for anything, and you can soar right through your day.

Stay here. Focus on this feeling. Let it grow until it becomes so dynamic that you feel nothing could stand in your way.

Now go. Take on your day!