A big thank you to Lea Luniewicz from vergecampus.com for her awesome article about Beditations!

Are you ever meditating, totally approaching enlightenment, when all of a sudden your tailbone bitches out and draws your mind back into all this worldly pain? So unfair! You were totally about to uncover nirvana, man. Or if you’re not about the meditation life, do you like beds? Laying down? Chillaxing all cool? Either way, Beditation has got what you need.

Beditation is literally what it sounds like: meditating but in bed. I mean technically you can lay on the floor too, but a bed sounds better. The concept behind this practice is to help you get more out of your meditation, than you otherwise would sitting or standing, by allowing you to really relax and sink deep into your cushy mattress. Beditating every day will make you more present, quiet a busy mind, reduce stress and anxiety, increase health and happiness, and make you a more emotionally and physically balanced human. Plus, beditations are totally the new Ambien. Pop a beditation, and you’ll be passed out in no time. I can feel the zen already!

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