Over the years, proponents of meditation have made many claims. Today, the claims have been proven to be measurable facts. And the facts are… we should all be meditating. If we did not take it seriously before, we certainly do now.
If you have resisted joining in and meditating, now is the time to make a change.
So, now, let’s get up in the morning, power down our cell phone, put the pets outside, find a quite space, put a “Please Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, softly close the door, get comfortable, breathe deeply and meditate.

#1: Stops depression and anxiety

Meditation increases hormones and endorphins in the body. A study at Yale University concludes that people who have a problem with panic disorders can up their supply of GABA by meditating.
Other helpful hormones that are increased through regular meditation are melatonin, serotonin, and human growth hormone (hgh). Also, meditation lowers cortisol, the fat-making hormone. All of the hormones and endorphins you receive from meditation do not come in a pill, they come from within!
Meditation helps prevent medication.

#2: Boosts Inner Strength

There is an inner quietness that occurs after meditating, creating a lasting sense of inner strength. It is yours for the taking.
#3: Silence mental chatter

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t meditate in the morning, I am left to the wiles of my brain that wants to know if I’m going to like the weather today, how much do I have to do today, where is that sock I’m missing in my sock drawer and what time is it anyway? Meditate and your mind doesn’t have a chance to make your day go sideways.
#4: Reducing negative emotions

When we meditate, we reach that calm state where our body and mind are no longer running rampant over us, taking away our peace. Meditation calms the body and mind, giving the insight to become more in-tune with yourself. The Mayo Clinic touts the wisdom of meditating, allowing patients to reach a calm state and increased self-awareness helps the body heal itself of some very specific diseases.2
#5 Sharpen mental focus

This is truly a bonus. Just look at 1 through 4 above and imagine that you have all of those benefits working for you. It would only follow that we would be able to better focus on, well, everything. What could better focus bring you? You will have better focusing ability in all areas of your life, from, school, work, home, family, recreation. This skill is a nice bonus!
#6 Develop Patience 

After meditating, I am a calm person with a sense of well-being, the situations that used to be upsetting to me, will not affect me in the same way. It only follows that a person in this state of mind, is going to be more patient. This is another amazing benefit because it may have been, in the past, that we were impatient not only with others, but also with ourselves. Having a calm, understanding and forgiving nature will serve us well.
#7 Improve Heart Health
According to the American Heart Association, meditation lowers our blood pressure, protecting us from heart attacks and strokes.3 When we meditate, our heart slows down, causing our blood pressure to decrease. Meditation has medically been proven to help protect us from heart disease and if we have high blood pressure now, we can lower it with meditation.
#8 Increase Creativity 
Meditation makes you more creative.4 It does not say “may” or “might” make you more creative. This study concluded that meditation “makes” you more creative. This was the conclusion of a study by cognitive scientist, Lorenza Colazato at Leiden University, published on April 19. She found that meditating increases our ability to do “divergent thinking” a thinking process that makes it possible for us to come up with many new alternatives.